Reem Arabic Language Tutoring Service

             Personal lessons catered to the particular needs of each individual student


Reem is an Arabic language educator and tutor with ample teaching experience -- 15 Years of Experience.

With excellent skills in tutoring the Arabic language, Reem ensures your learning experience is extremely productive and stress free. A U.S. citizen, Reem is a native Arabic speaker originally from Aleppo, Syria, who lived and/or worked in a number of Arab countries, besides Syria, such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, and Lebanon. After earning a degree in English from King Saud Univeristy, Reem obtained a Master's degree specializing in Arabic Language Linguistics and Arabic-English Translations from Arkansas State University (ASU) in 1996.

Reem taught Arabic language courses at ASU and worked as a linguist and translator with the SA-US Joint Economic Commission where she managed tutoring and translation projects associated with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Reem also worked with the US-Saudi Arabian Business Council with work as an Arabic Language Linguist and Arabic-English Translator. She worked as a freelance linguist and translator with the U.S. State Department. After the birth of Reem’s first child, she started working as a private Arabic language tutor and educator, providing lessons to hundreds of students, of different ages and levels. The majority of Reem’s students are college-age who come to learn as either beginners, intermediates or at advanced levels. Some even want to learn different dialects of the Arabic language such as Saudi, Iraqi, Egyptian and Tunisian for business and political related matters. No matter what your needs are, Reem fulfills them.

Reem also prepares a number of Arabic language tests for her students. They include speech and conversation exercises for MSA and key dialects of the Middle East. These exams are demanded by the U.S. government for applicants to pass and secure Arabic language related jobs with the State Department and other federal agencies with posts in Arabic speaking countries.

Reem takes special pride in the fact that her students repeatedly utilize her services. She has a high retention rate among her students. Her pleasant personality and positive attitude is the basis of her teaching style. She cares about her students and consults with them every step to ensure they reach their goals. Reem accommodates her students in every possible way. Reem’s is a well-earned reputation as one of the best Arabic tutors and educators you will find anywhere.