Reem Arabic Language Tutoring Service

             Personal lessons catered to the particular needs of each individual student


Reem wants you to master Arabic, not just learn it. All students are welcome, no matter what age or skill level, from the seasoned Arabic speaker and writer to the novice who wants to learn a new language. Reem prides herself on detailed one-on-one instruction with each and every student. Reem believes that to know Arabic is to embrace the beauty and richness of the language; from conversational to formal Arabic, to writing Arabic on a computer word processor to the fine artistic details of Arabic calligraphy, a traditional art that is still practiced in many parts of the Middle East.

Reem’s tutoring services will reinforce reading, writing, and comprehension in Modern Standard Arabic and all major dialects of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region, the Mediterranean countries of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, the varieties of North Africa, from the unique dialect of Morocco to the language of literature and cinema found in the cauldron of culture that is Egypt. Her lessons include the reasons behind the establishment of words, their feminine and masculine contexts, shared definitions and different meanings.

The following are Services we provide and Promises we keep:

  • Honest and patient tutoring; a friendly and pleasant attitude always.
  • Genuine care in every lesson; a willingness to do all we can to help students learn the Arabic language as thoroughly and as quickly as possible.
  • Students’ Arabic language and linguistic skills will be noticeably improved.
  • A commitment to teaching every student according to his or her individual needs and goals.
  • Excellent communication with students of all ages. No matter how old or young is the student, each lesson is structured with him or her in mind.
  • Going above and beyond students’ expectations so that students are extremely pleased with the Arabic language tutoring services that we provide.
  • Teaching an individual one-on-one, on site or off site, with lesson prices that are always affordable.
  • Utilizing the latest communication technology, i.e., skype, we can teach you no matter where you currently reside inside or outside the country.
  • We accommodate students by scheduling lessons at their preferred times and location.