Reem Arabic Language Tutoring Service

             Personal lessons catered to the particular needs of each individual student


Arabic Language Translation and Interpretation is a new demand for the global business community. When you have a contract or a business plan or a technical manual written in Arabic and you need it translated into English, then Reem is available to provide the English translation of the text in the most accurate and efficient manner. Or perhaps the business documents are in English and need to be translated into Arabic. Reem has the experience and expertise to translate any English text into Arabic. Reem takes great pride in taking excellent care in preserving the meaning of the original translation document and making sure that the translation is idiomatically correct with a comprehensive high quality localization service that will support today's demanding business needs.

When the situation arises and business relations require a face-to-face meeting with Arab investors, partners, colleagues or company representatives, Reem is available to provide you with excellent English-to-Arabic interpretation. Corresponding and cross referencing two languages in real time calls for an understanding of not only the words spoken, but the spirit behind the words, the idiums, slang, caveats and nuances important to a truer understanding of the language. Reem's mastery of Arabic contains the cultural understanding of the language in the way of body language, voice inflection, and other unique mannerisms. Reem also can interpret Arabic-to-English, with the same depth of understanding of American and English customs, to ensure your words are expressed accurately, quickly and in the most professional manner.

Reem's Translation and Interpretation Expertise Are Used in the Following Services:

  • International business Conferences
  • Business meeting negotiations
  • Technical and economical documentations
  • Technical and economical Meetings
  • Corporate Conventions
  • Cultural dialect proof
  • Telephone conferencing
  • Social Service interviews
  • Judicial and court hearings
  • Criminal site investigations